What Does Running Mean to You?

A new day dawning up heah in Maine. Is it a new day dawning for your running?
A new day dawning up heah in Maine. Is it a new day dawning for your running?

I think that this comment that I left on another runner’s blog post, that she posted about having an injury, seeing a doctor and not being able to run now, pretty much sums up where I am going with my running and blogging.

I went through this back in 2011 and allowed myself to get over 200 pounds and didn’t feel like me until I started running again. My most recent injury to my Achilles tested this again, but this time, I knew that I would be back. Running is a part of who we are, it is not an add-on or something that we do to be popular, make money or go places, it is just a part of our lives that we miss when we cannot do it.

At least that is how I feel about being able to run or not. I have changed my focus back to being a runner and getting back to telling that story, instead of all the other things that seemed to come along with the online identities and communities that we have become a part of. I wish you well on your appointment and hopefully you will be back out pounding the pavement or hitting the trails sooner than later.

Take a quick look at the reasons you run and what you want from your running, is it meshing with what you are getting now? Just a thought.

This is something that I urge us all to do from time-to-time.

However, instead of the usual “Why do we run?” question that seems to get asked all the time, I am going to change the question slightly to:

  • What are the reasons that you run?
  • What makes running an important part of your life?
  • Are you focusing on those things or have peripheral reasons taken on too much importance?

I will be very interested to hear your responses. If you want, either write a post on your blog and add the link in the comments or just comment below.

I will write out my answers later this week, but a big hint, it has a lot to do with me creating this new blog.

6 thoughts on “What Does Running Mean to You?

  1. I run because it helps me control my weight, makes my eating habits even better than normal, helps with sleep and general feeling of well being, and of course because I just love the feeling of being out there running!

  2. I run because if I didn’t I would be insane. LOL with that said I have two boys 4 years old and 17 months old. My 4 year old has Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy, he is one 4 AED drugs and a special diet trying to control his seizures. Then this year my husband gets lyme’s and has a heart block, basically his heart stopped. So running to me is my quiet, relaxing, recouping, reflecting, and thinking time. People think I’m crazy beacuse I will go out and run 15 miles and I tell them about my life and say “see why I run know” usually they get it. don’t get me wrong I would not change my life for anything. At the moment things are quiet at home and I’m in major marathon training mode! Great Question!!

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