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3.0 Miles Doing Alright – RunLog 4-19-14

Ah – 2 days running in a row – it feels good. I know that down time is necessary, but running is necessary too.

Personally, I prefer to be running. I will have plenty of time for extended resting later.

No, I didn’t go out and run 15.0 miles or even 10.0, I did a go with how I feel 3.0 miles.

Yep, 3.0 miles.

Yes, I could tell and still know that the knee is still not quite right, but it is still is a LOT better than it was. There was no pain while I was running or after, it is just a feeling of it not being quite right.

It was still chilly and pretty windy, so I wore long sleeve shirt and shorts, but at least it is not multiple layers with a winter hat and gloves. Warmer weather will get here eventually.

RA-Stats 4-19-14

The first mile was comfortable, it was here that I my knee just felt off, it didn’t hurt at all after the initial and pretty normal twinges that go along with getting the old body going, but I had to think for a second or two, whether I wanted to keep going, after that first half mile.  My body was getting pretty comfortable with the idea that being a sloth wasn’t all that bad. Read more…

Not a Patient Runner – RunLog 4-18-14

As you can see from the title, I admit it, I am not all that patient! Others probably would add – not to smaht either.

Especially when it comes to whether I can run or simply suck it up and just freaking run though whatever is going on with my body.

Back on Monday, my right knee really barked pretty loudly at me and when I ran on Tuesday, I knew that it was time to take at least a couple of days off.

My body was telling me enough was enough.

I have a feeling that trying out 3 different running shoe styles over the past few weeks, all the 30-40 mile weeks I have put in this year and trying to run a little faster lately had given me a good case of dead legs and the beginnings of an injury if I didn’t smarten up.  I think that the dead legs during Sunday’s race were a real good clue that I needed some down time and when I didn’t listen all that well on Monday and started to run a little too fast on my recovery run.

Well this old body had enough of me ignoring subtle suggestions to stop and smell the roses once in a while and said – “Okay asshole if you can’t take a hint, maybe I need to be more direct!” and proceeded to pretty much stop me in my tracks and made running rather uncomfortable – err let’s call it like it is – painful.

So the body finally got my attention and I listened and haven’t run for 2 whole days – now let me tell you not running for two days was tough!!!! Read more…

Beyond A Niggle – Time to Take A Break

This is the part of running that is the hardest!

You know, when your training is going really, really well and you have a niggle that is turning into a little more than a niggle.  Yet it hasn’t been enough to really stop what I am doing – after all I have lots of niggles besides my right knee that I do keep an eye on, but haven’t caused me to stop running.

However, my right knee has hinted a little more frequently that it doesn’t like something and started to really bark and let me know in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t happy with me on Monday’s 8.0 miler.

I was out for a recovery run and did a Harold being Harold. I was feeling pretty good coming down the road in front of Fred’s Coffee (it is a pretty long flat/downhill stretch) and I accidentally picked it up a little to a sub 8:20, which is not really a recovery pace.

RA - Course Map 4-14-14

RA – Course Map 4-14-14

Just after the 2.0 mile mark, my knee “talked” to me in no uncertain terms and said. “I didn’t like that fast downhill, let’s stop and I will tell you how much I didn’t like it.”

I had to stop for a minute or so, to listen to what my knee was trying to tell me and figure out what was going on. Read more…

Week In Review – 4/13/14

One in Five 5K PhotoIt was a busy week and I made a lot of running related decisions:

  • to return the Skechers GoRun Ride 3′s
  • move back to a more traditional style of running shoes – Brooks Launch
  • ran in my first race since January
  • made it to over 40 miles for the week
  • ran a 15.0 mile long run.

I got to thinking about why I blog so much and wrote a long post about it, but it comes down to wanting something of me to be here after I am gone. Something more than a headstone or a few pictures in a photo album somewhere, that in a couple of generations my descendants are wondering who the old fart is in the tank top and shorts is – out there running his ass off.

You can read about why I returned the Skechers here, it was a hard decision, because except for a 2″ stability strip on the outside of the right shoe, I loved them. However, that strap made it so that I couldn’t wear the shoe without it becoming painful, so they had to go back.

I have run primarily in 0-8mm drop running shoes for almost 2 years (a couple of exceptions here and there), but for the most part light-weight, low drop, with some cushioning is what I have used and been fairly happy with.

When I decided to go with the Brooks Launch (initial impressions post) it was a different style of running shoe for me. A higher drop 10mm, still light-weight and very cushioned, but it felt really weird to run in them for the first few miles.

I also whined a little about how tired I am about running shoes updating “my” shoes to the point where they no longer work for me and I have to move a different style and/or brand and it isn’t just one brand, it happens to with all of them.

As a part of the discussion about this subject in the Facebook Group I belong to, I learned a lot about “updates” and more about the role that retailers have in the updating process. Even though I understand the process better, it still doesn’t mean that I am not frustrated when a brand updates “my” favorite running shoes and then I cannot run in the update.

The other good news is that I have run in shorts and t-shirt for the first time this year, so the weather is starting to break. Which means mud season is just about here. Read more…

One in Five 5K Recap – 4-13-14

One in Five 5K 4-13-14

One in Five 5K 4-13-14

Hey, I actually raced again!

The first time since the January Thaw 4.5 miler back – well yeah in January.

This was the  first race that I can remember, that once I registered, I didn’t get all freaked out about or have several sleepless night about doing. I thought about it once in a while, but I didn’t just focus on it like I usually do. Hell, I even got some good sleep Friday night and only tossed and turned for after Bennie woke us up at around 1:00 AM to say loudly for about 3 minutes that there were deer in the yard – at least until I turned on the light and slammed the door. They left in a hurry.

After that I tossed and turned and turned and tossed the rest of the night – yeah I got to thinking about the race and couldn’t shut it off. Finally, I went back to sleep around 4:00 AM and woke up around 5:00 AM and just laid there for a while, kind of drifting. I wasn’t really tense or worked-up about the race after I woke up – good news!

Had a bagel w/peanut butter for breakfast (it didn’t sit right).

I only thought about turning around once on the way there, but it was more of a passing thought, than an over-riding need to not go to the race, that I usually experience.

Progress is being made on my old enemy race day anxiety. I don’t know if I have beaten it completely yet, but at least it doesn’t control me like it did for such a long time and I got to enjoy my race today. Read more…

First Run This Year in Shorts and T-Shirt — RunLog 4-11-14

That’s right my first run this year in shorts and a T-shirt! It felt great to actually sweat a little while running. I could tell that it was getting warm, the neighbors were out working on their driveways and lawn, along with a lot of them walking their dogs. I even saw over a 100 robins on one of the neighbor’s lawn, so I think that I can say spring has finally sprung up heah.

What I was more impressed with, even more than how great the weather was, was how good my legs felt after yesterday’s long run. My knees didn’t hurt, my feet didn’t hurt, and my hips didn’t hurt. In fact other than them being a little tired, I felt a lot better than I thought I would.

That being said, I still wanted to just run comfortably this afternoon.

RA-Stats 4-11-14

RA-Stats 4-11-14

I did a mini progression run, but at slower speeds and even picked it up a little at the end.

I am not sure that the Launch will be a fast shoe for me, but they are definitely a comfortable shoe that I will be doing a lot of my running in.

Just a nice recovery run.

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